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Children display aesthetic talents from a very young age. The school fosters them at an early age. The curriculum in Art and Craft introduces basic shapes, colours and various items progressively depending on the age of the child.
Art and Craft is a very creative subject and at Keble we have no boundaries to the extent of creativity that can be reached.  Starting with simple colour mixing techniques to drawing objects from a scenery, we ensure that our children develop basic drawing skills. Later on we introduce more interesting and challenging tasks like producing 3D artwork using paper, Food and even Recyclable Material like plastic bottles.
Different methods of painting are also progressively introduced such as print magic drop and turn, blow paint and finger paint as well as spray painting with toothbrush and designs made with twine.
Individual talents are given recognition at the Annual Art and Craft Exhibition held by the school, show casing the children’s effort during the year.

"Art and Craft at Keble is a very popular subject among all age groups of children."


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