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Our Recruitment policy

We at Keble maintain a very high standard when it comes to recruitment of teachers as we strongly believe that teaching is an art of communication that lays an imprint in a young child's life.​
Currently Keble College maintains a teacher to student ratio of 1:8 in the Play group, Nursery & Pre-grade s​ections since it is critical to mould the children's attitude towards learning and can be effectively done when there is maximum 

exposure to the teacher.​ Teaching at Keble can be an arduous but also a fun experience.

Being a member of the Keble family has many benefits, one such opportunity is to be a part of our in-house teacher training academy. As Keble is a registered teacher training institute, those with an inspiration to teach children ​may  join the Infant School Teacher Training program and walk out with the credentials to be an Infant School Teacher any where in the world. Other benefits include  exposure to the ISO 9001 System.


Keble College falls among a handful of educational institutes in the country, which is an ISO Certified organization (International Organization for Standardization). Thus working at Keble would guarantee an experience in an internationally professional environment to you.​





"Though young in years, Keble College is built with a very firm foundation along with a strong management. We are led by an inspirational and a dedicated Managing Directress, who gives us the necessary direction and encouragement to trust ourselves and go that extra mile to give  our best. This is in essence why I like teaching at Keble College"







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