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Diploma in Montessori Method of Education



The Keble College Teacher training academy was initially developed to train new teachers that were employed at School. The course was created to bridge the gap between more experienced teachers and beginners. The lectures were conducted in-house by qualified teacher trainers therefore the trainees had the opportunity to experience the depth and dedication one needs to possess in order to become a teacher.

The course was very successful and was able to produce teachers with the aptitude to be a lead class teacher. The top performers were absorbed to the school staff body and continue to teach in the school while others have gone on to find employment in other schools .

The Course Structure is robust and covers the practical and theoretical aspects of Montessori method of teaching. Planned out over three academic terms the trainees are given maximum exposure to the art of teaching. The program terminates with two exams (Theoretical & Practical) which will be marked by the lecturers following which the successful candidates will be given a diploma in Teaching. Teaching unlike other professions is not one where a certificate proves the ability to be a teacher it is experience that is key to being a good teacher which the course is spread over a year.


At Keble, Teaching is regarded the most important tool to craft future generations and therefore maintain a very high standard. If  you have the ambition and the dedication to become a teacher, join the Keble College Teacher Training academy and walk out with the experience and credentials to be a teacher anywhere in the world.

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